DGCA Rules on Diabetes

A.I.C.  Sl. No. 3/2007  Dated 1st Aug 2007

Normal Blood Sugar Levels

  • Blood Sugar Levels Fasting < 110 Mgm% and PP < 140 Mgm% will be accepted as the upper limit of normal.

Abnormal Blood Sugar Levels

  • IGT - Impaired Glucose Tolerance
    • Fasting  < 110 Mgm%
    • PP        < 180 Mgs %
  • Diabetes Mellitus
    • Fasting >110 Mgm%
    • PP      >180 Mgms%

Investigation Done

• Routine Blood haemogram and counts

• Urine routine and microscopy

Urine for microalbuminuria

• Blood Sugar F and PP

HbA1C or Glycosylated Hb

Dilated Fundoscopy

Biochemical profile including Urea, Creatinine, uric acid

• Lipid Profile


• USG Abdomen (KUB region) 


Assessment of Diabetic Control

  • Grades of control.

    • Grade I (Good)              Fasting < 110      PP <140      HbA1c <6

    • Grade II (Acceptable)   Fasting <126      PP  < 180     HbA1C < 7

    • Grade III (Fair)              Fasting < 140     PP < 200       HbA1C < 8

    • Grade IV (Poor)            Fasting  > 140    PP > 200       HbA1C  > 8

Disposal Of Flight Crew

  • IGT - All cases of IGT will be considered fit for all flying duties and they will be granted a P1 status. All subsequent renewals / reviews will held be at IAM / AFCME only every 6 months.

  • Diabetes Mellitus- All aircrew detected to have DM will be initially made unfit for flying for 03 months, disposal thereafter will be as per the grade and type of control with only dietary restrictions or permitted OHA, as given below :-

    • Grade I Control with No Drugs -

      • Grade I control achieved with dietary restrictions, exercise and suitable weight reduction will be cleared to fly as P1.

    • Grade II Control with No Drugs

      • After 03 months of unfit status if he is found to have Grade II control, they will be awarded a P2 status . (P2 status pertains to fit for all flying duties except instructional duties and trainer captain in flight.)

    • Grade I Control with Single Drug

      • Plain Metformin (maximum 2 gm / day) is to be considered compatible with flying.

      • The period of unfitness for aircrew on Tab Metformin shall be from the date the aircrew is stable on medicine with stable blood sugar values and not the date that he is made unfit for NIDDM

      • After a total period of non-flying status of 03 + 03 months or more, he will be declared fit as P1

    • Grade II Control with Single Drug

      • After starting Metformin, if the  control is found to be Grade II, the individual will be awarded a permanent P2 status.

    • Grade II Control with Multiple Drugs or Insulin or Grade III and IV Control

      • Uncontrolled diabetes and those requiring  a combination of two drugs or insulin in any form will be declared permanently unfit for flying.

Permissible Medication

  • Plain Metformin (maximum 2 gm / day)

  • No other Medication is Acceptable


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