Points to note prior to dispatch

Class II Medical Examiners



  • The initial issue medical examination is done on a special form designated as CA-34; all renewals are done on form CA-34A.

  • The outcome of the medical examination is communicated to the aircrew on form CA-35. Based on the latter the DGCA then issues a Medical Assessment.

  • The medical assessment is required to be carried along with the licence and it shows the current medical validity of the license holder.

  • All medical documents are maintained at the DGCA in folders referred to as Previous Medical Records (PMRs).

  • The PMRs are to be called for by the medical boarding centre prior conduct of the medical examination.

  • When an aircrew is declared temporarily or permanently unfit for issue or renewal of license, the reason for unfitness shall be clearly endorsed on the CA 34 / 34A and CA 35. One copy of the CA 35 shall be handed over to the individual and his / her signature obtained as a token of having received the medical disposal certificate.

  • Class II Medical Examiners must record details of medical examinations of the flight crew meticulously on the relevant forms CA 34/ 34 A.

  • Details of disease / disability detected must be endorsed on the forms at appropriate columns on the forms.

  • Opinion of concerned specialists should be attached to the medical examination forms. All investigation reports as required for initial and renewal medical examinations must be enclosed with the forms before submitting the same to the DMS (CA) at DGCA Technical Centre, Opposite Safdarjung Airport, Aurbindo Marg, New Delhi 110 003 for approval.

  • In case of any doubts regarding fitness of a particular flight crew, no certificate of fitness may be given to the individual and flight crew may be informed that the office of DMS (CA), DGCA, would communicate the final decision.

Prior to despatch of the medical examination forms to DGCA,

  • Aeromedical Examiners must carefully check the forms for accuracy and completion. A checklist for initial medical examinations for award of SPL/ PPL on form CA 34 is as follows:-

    • (a) Ensure completion of Part I of the form by the applicant in your presence and countersign the same. Specially look for history of Epilepsy, Diabetes Mellitus and heart disease in the individual applicant or his parents / siblings and investigate accordingly.

    • (b) Sign and stamp a recent photograph of the applicant in the space provided.

    • (c) Ensure meticulous completion of all columns in Part II of the form after medical examination. Individual specialist opinions for Ophthalmology and ENT are not mandatory, but if obtained, must be signed by the concerned specialist.

    • (d) Attach the following essential investigation reports:-

      • (i) Resting ECG tracing with opinion

      • (ii) X Ray Chest PA View with film and report

      • (iii) Blood Hb, TLC, DLC report

      • (iv) Urine RE report

      • (v) Pure Tone Audiogram

      • (vi) Any other medical investigation conducted

Before dispatching the medical records to DGCA please ensure that you have

Ø  Put all the relevant papers in a  plastic folder in a in sealed cover with a self addressed envelope, tagged neatly

Ø   To be dispatched by registered post / speed post / Courier & hand over the  receipt to candidate

Ø   Preserved a photocopy / record of the medical examination

  •  Class II Aeromedical Examiners must advise the prospective flight crew about any borderline disabilities that they detect and which may preclude fitness for a Class I medical examination at a later date. Young individuals who want to take up a career in aviation as a flight crew should not assume that by meeting Class II medical examination standards, they will automatically be medically fit for commercial aviation licenses as well.


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