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Expert medical advise on DGCA Class 1 & 2 Medicals and Cabin Crew medicals is provided here. The medicals are done by Dr S Bhargava MD (Air Commodore Retd), an Expert DGCA Empanelled Class 1 Medical Examiner. Besides conducting Class 1 renewal medicals from Gurgaon, he also gives advice and opinion on all issues related to DGCA Medicals, either telephonically or on WhatsApp. With his several years of experience at AFCME and as President MEC EAST Jorhat, he can resolve the issues you might face before or after a medical at IAM / AFCME or any IAF boarding center or with DGCA itself. Click on the "Consult Now" button to take appointment for medicals / Consultation or call on 9427491784. Medicals are held at Medharbour Clinic Plot 222, Sector 51, Gurgaon. A small consultation fee will apply.

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For Class 1 & Class 2 Medicals & Cabin Crew Medicals You can also Click on the Appointment link / WhatsApp Link or Teleconsult Link below