Procedure for Prefight Medical Check up

Alcohol and Its Effects

DGCA - Aircraft rule 24 - Prohibition on consumption of intoxicating and psychoactive substance.

  • The testing is to be carried out by a Doctor (MBBS) in maximum privacy in a pre – designated preflight room. Random testing is to be done, both of cockpit and cabin crew including at foreign stations.

  • On reporting to the doctor the crew signs the undertaking in the preflight examination book that “I confirm that I am not under the influence of alcohol” and put the date and time. Pages of this pre flight book should be serially numbered and in a bound form.

  •  Crew is then subjected to the test. If initially the reading is more than 000, the reading is recorded and a repeat test is carried out after 15 min. The crew is permitted to wash his face, rinse his mouth.

  •  A control test is done on the machine in this period of 15 min. to reconfirm the serviceability of the machine.

  •  The second test is done in the presence of a witness who is either the duty Officer Flight Dispatch or Airport Manager (at outstations).

  •  If the second test is satisfactory (reading of 000), the crew is cleared for flight.

  •  If this crew refuses to under go the second test he is deemed to have tested positive. In such a scenario or if the crew tests positive in the second test, he / she is to be taken off flight.

  •  The serial number and the calibration of the machine is to be noted in all positive cases.

  •  Under no circumstance a third test is to be carried out. Also no blood test is to be done.

  •  All positive cases are to be reported to the Air Safety department of DGCA.


Total avoidance of alcohol should be a key element observed by every pilot in planning or accomplishing a flight.