Procedure for Preflight Medical Check up

Alcohol and Its Effects

Prohibition on consumption of intoxicating and psychoactive substances –             

 (1) No person acting as, or carried in aircraft for the purpose of acting as pilot, commander, navigator, engineer, cabin crew or other operating member of the crew thereof, shall have taken or used any alcoholic drink, sedative, narcotic or stimulant drug or preparation within twelve hours of the commencement of the flight or take or use any such preparation in the course of the flight, and no such person shall, while so acting or carried, be in a state of intoxication or have detectable blood alcohol whatsoever in his breath, urine or blood alcohol analysis or in a state in which by reason of his having taken any alcoholic, sedative, narcotic or stimulant drug or preparation, his capacity so to act is impaired, and no other person while in a state of intoxication shall enter or be in aircraft.

            (2)     No operator operating a domestic air transport service in India shall serve any alcoholic drink on board such an air transport service and no passenger traveling on such a service shall consume any alcoholic drink while on board.

            (3)     The holders of licences shall not exercise the privileges of their licences and related ratings while under the influence of any psychoactive substance which might render them unable to safely and properly exercise the privileges of the licences and ratings.

            (4)     The holders of licences shall not engage in problematic use of substances.

                     [Substituted by GSR No. 485 (E) dated 28-6-2001]  

Total avoidance of alcohol should be a key element observed by every pilot in planning or accomplishing a flight.