Civil Aviation Medicine

Safety is the paramount principle of aviation. Aviation medicine is a major element of aviation safety. In a regulatory context it has to make sure that pilots have the physical capacity to fly and that the risk of a medical incapacitation is neglectable (i.e. not exceeding the acceptable level).


 1. General - The Concept of Aeromedical Fitness

 2. Aviation Cardiology

 3. The Respiratory System

 4.  The Digestive System

 5.  Metabolic, Nutritional and Endocrine Systems

 6.  Haematology

 7. The Urinary System

 8.Sexually Transmitted Diseases 

 9. The Reproductive System

10. The Musculoskeletal System

11. Aviation Psychiatry

12. Aviation Neurology

13.  Aviation Ophthalmology

14. Aviation Otorhinolaryngology

15.  Aviation Psychology

16. Dermatology

17.  Oncology

18. Tropical Medicine and Travel Medicine

19. Medication and Flying