Why Choose e Consultation


This forum serves both pilots and controllers alike to improve health and aviation safety.  You have access to the world-class physicians at a click of a button.  Consider the benefits of having this forum as your source for aeromedical issues.

1.   Confidential aeromedical advice-  This forum provides you one-on-one contact with super specialist doctors.  We believe this contact provides early intervention with medical issues and gives you the expert advice and assistance you need.  The advise is confidential, risk-free source for aeromedical assistance.


2.   The advise by aerospace medicine physicians- This forum provides certified Aerospace Medicine Specialists.  Our doctors provide aeromedical advice and FAA medical certification assistance to pilots and controllers every day.  When your medical certificate is in jeopardy, contact this forum for the expertise you need. 


3.   Pilots require flying / medical certificates to fly -  All pilots must maintain a flying certificate and a medical certificate in order to fly.  The doctors of this forum provides pilots with insurance of your health.


4.   Save on unfitness time-  A flying company can not afford to have it's pilots grounded for months while awaiting DGCA or FAA certification.   This forum specializes in assisting pilots avoid medical certification problems and in expedited return to flight duties for those pilots with unfitness. 


5.   Safe career- Professional pilots who depend on a current valid medical certificate for their income can not afford to be surprised at their medical exam with an unfitness certificate.  This forum doctor can help pilots anticipate and avoid most of these situations.  The benefit is little or no lost flying time due to delayed medical review.


6.   Enjoy flying  If you are not a professional pilot but have a love for flying, this forum can be the link between you and getting back to flying when aeromedical issues arise. 


This forum is your one source for aeromedical assistance and DGCA medical certification help.