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DGCA Rules on Hypertension

A.I.C.  Sl. No. 10/2008  Dated 3rd July 2008

Normal Blood Pressure

  • A blood pressure recording of 140/ 90 mm of Hg will be accepted as the upper limit of normal.

Confirmation of Hypertension

  • The confirmation of the diagnosis of hypertension may be done by 24 h Ambulatory BP Monitoring.
  • The Pilot will be declared temporarily unfit for flying for 04 weeks and advised next review at IAM / AFCME only.

Investigation Done

  • The following investigations will be done:-

            (i)     Routine haemogram.

            (ii)   Urine routine exam including microscopic examination.

            (iii)  ECG resting.

            (iv)    X-Ray Chest (Postero-Anterior View).

            (v)     Complete biochemical profile [Blood Sugar (Fasting and 2 hours

                      after 75 g of oral Glucose), Urea, Uric acid Creatinine  and

                      Cholesterol with lipid profile.      

             (vi)   USG Abdomen.

             (vii)  Fundoscopy.

            (viii)  Echocardiography.

            (ix)    Any other relevant investigations, considered appropriate by the

                      President Medical Board.

Disposal Of Flight Crew

  • If Ambulatory BP recordings are within normal limits, the flight crew will be  declared fit for unrestricted flying.

  • In case the flight crew is confirmed to have hypertension, he / she will be placed under observation as temporary unfit for flying duties for 04 Wks.

    • He/She will under go investigations and treatmentunder his own / company doctor.

    • After 04 Wks of stabilisation of treatment he will now take appointment with AFCME / IAM / MEC East for review.

  • Flight Crew with well controlled BP without drugs will be given unrestricted P1 Status.

    • All medicals there after to be conducted at AFCME / IAM / MEC (E)

  • Flight Crew with well controlled BP  with  drugs will be given  “Fit for all flying duties except instructional duties and trainer captain in flight” (P2 Status).

    • All medicals there after to be conducted at AFCME / IAM / MEC (E)

    • Fitness to P1 Status will be given by next medicals depending on control of BP.

  • Flight crew with uncontrolled hypertension or those who have target organ involvement will be recommended unfit for flying duties unless the situation reverses.

Permissible Medication

(a) Diuretics (excluding loop diuretics).

(b) Cardio selective beta-blockers.

(c) ACE inhibitors and ACE Receptor Blockers.

(d) Calcium channel blockers.

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